CAD Modelling & Profiling

  • Design flat pattern layouts for sheet metal projects
  • Convert hand-drawn sketches to CAD format
  • Export CAD drawings to suitable format ready for CNC Profile Cutting
  • Liaise with various local profile cutting businesses to determine most cost-effective cutting solution for your project

Structural & Mechanical Design and Drafting

  • Design of new solutions to solve existing problems
  • Reverse engineering of existing components to capture detail for modification or duplication
  • Drafting of existing designs for manufacture
  • Full 3D modelling capability, including viewable 3D images from concept to final approval
  • Fabrication/workshop detail drawings

Architectural Drafting

  • Design & drafting of renovations or extensions for residential and commercial
  • Design & drafting of new build projects, specialising in custom or unique designs
  • Design & drafting of structural buildings including commercial sheds/warehouses
  • Fabrication/workshop detail drawings as required
  • Assistance with completing council DA & CC forms
  • Liaison with Engineering where necessary